About us

About us


To continue meeting the demands posed by retailers, the market and society, the foundation is working step by step to have all the flower bulbs produced in the Netherlands and supplied by the participants certified by 2024.

‘The participants want to have 50% of the volume of Dutch products they sell officially certified by 2020. This should then be 75% by 2022, and 100% by 2024.

No distinction is being made between the kinds certification held by a participant; it could be a certificate issued by MPS, Planet Proof (Milieukeur), Groenkeur (for perennials), GlobalG.A.P. or Skal.

Objectives regarding the quality of the supplied products, particularly when it comes to minimum sizes and authenticity of variety, are also being developed. BQ Support will conduct independent inspections of the products at the participants’ locations and at sales points.